• ready to use and comfortable ZFS storage appliance for iSCSI/FC, NFS and SMB
  • Active Directory support with Snaps as Previous Version
  • user friendly Web-GUI that includes all functions for a sophisticated NAS or SAN appliance.
  • commercial use allowed
  • no capacity limit
  • free download for End-User

  • Individual support and consulting
  • increased GUI performance/ background agents
  • bugfix/ updates/ access to bugfixes
  • extensions like comfortable ACL handling, disk and realtime monitoring or remote replication
  • appliance diskmap, security and tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/setup on customers demand optional
please request a quotation.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf


Previous releases

napp-it 0.9 f6

Dez 22,2015
Support for OI Hipster
Nov 19
  napp-it Pro: Security panel to block/ pass based on interface, service and ip/ local networks
Okt 16
  NVMe support (for Illumos 151014 september+, driver must be installed manually: via pkg install nvme)
  tested with Intel NVMe
Sep 18
  setup netcat  in cases that the initial setup fails (in menu extensions > appliance group)
Aug 05
  replication fix added to Linux edition
Aug 04

   fix a problem with replication on sender side when multiple replications are initiated at the same time
   fix a problem with replication not terminating (
message 241, replication terminated or not running)
Jul 23
   fix a problem with autosnap and keek n days
Jul 22
   monitor extension: allow vnic and vlans over aggregations
Jul 14
    security enhancement: restrict access to a management interface (napp-it listening only on one  interfaces)
    if you enable this feature in about settings and you are locked out, you must  remove -L x.x.x.x option in /etc/init.d/napp-it
    and restart napp-it via /etc/init.d/napp-it restart. If you upgrade or downgrade napp-it you must re-enable this setting.

Jun 12
   monitor/sas extension: backplane/slot detection with concurrent use of SAS2 and SAS3 HBAs
   added support for Pushalot (push service for Windows 8.1+, Windows Phone, free)
   backup-jobs, failed to create a backup filesystem on first run
   menu system-log-rpool filesystems

   menu system-log-rpool folders (top 50 folders/ used space)
Jun 02

    security fix: mini-httpd/ Solaris/Illumos updated to v 1.21 ( )
May 28
    TLS mail error abbout SSL_v3 fixed
May 06
    monitor extension: page reload not working
    OmniOS 151014: parted is missing, installed separately

    new autojob: backup napp-it
delete only autosnap with size=0
    disk remove: spare
    login: show login page after login om Crome
    include parted for OmniOS 151014
    infotext about (ref)res
    Do not start websocketserver on Linux to avoid unwanted console warnings

napp-it 0.9 f5

May 28

    TLS mail error abbout SSL_v3 fixed
May 05
    monitor extension: page reload not working
Mar 06
    Comstar New menu for initiator settings to build iSCSI storage heads
Mar 27
    Include an ESXi hot-memory snap in every ZFS snap working with ESXi6
Mar 31
    Menu Jobs >> ESXi hotsnaps: bugfix with more than one ESXi server
Apr 14
    Security: improved password hashing with md5 and 8 char salt value
    Security: sessions are limited to current day and the host that initiates the session
    Security: sessions are limited to user agent that initiates the session
    Security: single use session id (current id is valid for 60s to allow a page reload)
    Security: websocket sessions use their own session id to allow multi-window viewing
Apr 22
    Load CSS on login after a session expires
    Show correct timer settings in autojob overview
    Show correct Last value in job-overview after first run

On Login-Problems (example after an downgrade to a former release):
delete value_adminpw
in /var/web-gui/_log/napp-it.cfg (or delete this file)

0.9f5 includes a stronger password hashing that is not compatible with napp-it 0.9f4 and earlier. Delete PW prior a downgrade.
On Login-Problems (example after an downgrade to a former release): delete 
/var/web-gui/_log/napp-it.cfg (settings)

napp-it 0.9 f4
Dez 28, 2014
    Cap monitor shows tmpfs usage
     Job-Overview: detailled log of last run
     Menu System-Network IB settings (first betatest)
     Log-Overview of last 50 jobs, logging problem fixed (missing logs)
     Replication: new timer settings: 7+19; 7+13+19
     new job: push service via Pushover (Alerts to your smartphone)
     fixed a bug with jobs not starting
Jan, 07
     disk replace: shows double entries on missing disks
Jan, 09
new feature: autosnap: create ZFS snaps with ESXi hot snaps included
     see menu Services >> SSH >> SSH keys and menu Jobs >> ESXi hot-snaps [Help]
Jan, 11
     fix: show snapdate in Vsphere, preset vmid in post-script
Jan, 16
    autoscrub: show status
    improved menu Jobs > remote to control replication sender
    replicate: modify script, problems with stream errors fixed (work in progress)
Jan, 23
    include ESXi hotsnaps: allow any commands in pre or post scripts (not only ssh)
    Snapshot: mass delete: allow a delete from replication number to number
Feb 03,2015
     Alert on Joberror not working
     Job-Overview, Joblog on last 10 run can be shown in orange when everything was ok
Feb 16,2015
     Replication: random receive/stream error  (this error is hopely finally fixed, please report problems)
     Replication: new job parameter- discard replications with snapsize=0
Replication: detailled logging
     Job-Overview: show source snapsize on replications
     Job alerts: only once a day
     Snapjobs: Filter snaps with and criteria
Feb 28, 2015
     Replication: some warnings are logged as an error. They are now logged as warnings

napp-it 0.9 f3  (default)
Nov 19, 2014
     Comstart create view: sets random/manual  LUN number to allow unique settings for HA/ RFS-1 configs
     Comstar LU create/ modify: allows decimalvalues
     Consistent units (ex G=GiB), LU creation allows/shows binary (GiB) and decimal (GB) units
     Menu ZFS filesystems: display ACL on Shares with folder-ACL everyone@=none
     Menu ZFS Filesystems: displayproblems for properties fixed (with filesystem creation string from german time settings)
     same in menu ZFS filesystems - destroy (Datestring cause displayproblems with a date like Tue  1  8:13 due double spaces)
     updated websocketserver to Mojolicious 5.49
     menu zfs filesystems -> acl row: mouseover shows ACL details
     acl-extension: reset ACL recursively to everyone=modify is a free option
     monitor extension: snapshot mass delete as a background task option
Solaris 11: inherit fs version (5 or 6) from pool to newly created filesystem (to keep v28.5 on new filesystems)
     Solaris 11: /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/CGI/Mojo/ - modifier use time or websocketserver does not run
SSH service: allow user (ex root only)

Feb 03,2015
     Alert on Joberror not working

napp-it 0.9 f2 (napp-it Pro bugfix release)
23.08.2014 new: disk-details show vdev number
     bugfix: disk-details shows wrong vdev type on a failed disk
     acl-extension: simplified and faster ACL reset
     repli-extension: problem with two source server ips when ip1 is part of ip2
     disk remove: remove failed disks
     menu disk - hotplug - configure/ unconfigure: menu removed as it is not needed with modern hardware
     this is not a napp-it error on replications wirh napp-it <= 0.8 fixed
     bugfix acl extension: special characters in path like & allowed

napp-it 0.9f1 default (should run on Linux after logout/login opt you need a /etc/init.d stop; /etc/init.d/start)

18.08.2014 Set admin password on Linux/Ubuntu14 failed (problem with crypt function) fixed
17.07.2014 SAS2 Slot detection works even if LSI GUID is not exactly included in WWN
10.07.2014 Menu user: delete button missing
02.06.2014 Update of Mojolicious websocketserver to 5.0 (increase stability of realtime graphs)
01.06.2014 Fix a bug that creates duplicated entries in /etc/hosts on reboots
30.05.2015 Simplify TLS mail setup (needed for Googlemail), see menu Jobs-TLS Email - help
29.05.2014 Bugfix with email jobs
23.05.2014 Support for Ubuntu 14LTS
22.05.2014 Replikation error fixed on some configs: failed to read from stream 
                    Some fixes for Linux, should now mostly run on f1, please logout/login after update
21.05.2014 Bugfix in menu snapshots
17.05.2014 Shorttermlog (realtime last 60s of CPU, pools and disks) with cpu%, w%,b% and read, write and wait per sec
15.05.2014 Problem with Perl and Expect/ IO.TTy modules on OmniOS; napp-it evaluates which version to use
14.05.2014 wget installer supports smartmontools on OmniOS 15010
14.05.2014 support for Solaris 11.2
                    Pool-create supports Pool 28v5 (all platforms)
                    new menu disks-smartinfo with foreground/background refresh and onscreen log
                    Menu Comstar-Create target: wrong menu, please reload 0.9f1 preview
12.05.2014 support for OmniOS 151010 (problem with IO::Tty and Expect fixed)
04.05.2014 - create a BE prior online updates
02.05.2014 -  Extension-Monitor-Feature: Top-level-menu "Mon" enables background statistic collection.
                    You can monitor via realtime graphs  in menu about and below menu Extension-Realtime-Monitor
                    Feature: Clickable  statuslights with more infos.
                    To restart Monitor, disable/ enable top menu "Mon"
                    feature: Monitor extensions translates target names from error logs to WWN names (Disks-SAS2)

                    All-Pro-Versions - Feature: Top-level-menu "Acc" enables GUI acceleration by background tasks.
                    Replication extension: reports if source ZFS is not available instead of a stream error message
                    Comstar: period allowed in names

                    You can go back from 0.9f1 to 0.9e1 without a reboot if you select "download e1" .

60 s chart with write throttling

napp-it 0.9e2L preview, universal release for OI, OmniOS, S11.1 and Linux (Debian7, Ubuntu 12 LTS)

01.03.2014 menu zfs filesystems-ACL on folders: wrong path
20.02.2014 bugfix: smartmontools not working
05.02.2014 basic usermanagement (Linux)
1002.2014 new in Menu System-Statistics-ARC (Illumos)

napp-it 0.9e2  nightly, update for napp-it pro (no reboot required from 0.9a3+)

25.01.2014 wrong menu: Comstar-Target-Create Target
15.01.2014 replication extension: bugfix with identical source/target
12.01.2014 bugfix with jobtrigger like mon-fri, sat-sun

napp-it 0.9e1  default for napp-it  free (no reboot required from 0.9a3+)

02.05.2014 you can downgrade from 0.9f1 without a reboot
20.04.2014 bugfix: acl-extension - modify aclset on shares
11.04.2014 bugfix with menu Comstar - create Thin LU
25.01.2014 wrong menu: Comstar-Target-Create Target
15.01.2014 replication extension: bugfix with identical source/target
12.01.2014 bugfix with jobtrigger like mon-fri, sat-sun
07.01.2014  iSCSI as a ZFS filesystem property
                    log: caller (path of function calls)
                    new day trigger mon-fri, mon-sat, sat-sun, first-sat, first-sun
                    new minute trigger once (execute once after each reboot)
                    disk buffering is enabled only on systems with more than 30 disks
                    zfs buffering is enabled only on systems with more than 100 filesystems
                    menu disk-mirror rpool supports Solaris 11.1 (attach disk only)
                    iSCSI as a zfs sharing property in menu zfs-folders (supports replicated volumes)


napp-it 0.9e1  first preview (work in progress), update for napp-it pro (no reboot required from 0.9a3+)

16.11.2013  fix: UUID error message in AFP sharing
04.11.2013   fix: restrict client in napp-it settings had blocked always
03.11.2013     wget installer: install smartmontools 6.2
30.10.2013     More consistent service menus, new service tftp
                    Apache vhost, ftp, rsync as a ZFS filesystem property
                    with support for Includes, Modules (phpmyadmin, mySQL, phpvbox, Owncloud etc)
                    see also: AMPO add-on

                    Replication: immediate service state monitor update in joblist
                    SMB shares and replication: support ABE

New Services:


napp-it 0.9d2 
(free version, use menu about - update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)
04.11.2013   fix: restrict client in napp-it settings (always blocking when set)
03.11.2013     wget installer: install smartmontools 6.2
                    Xampp menus removed (use ampo setup)

napp-it 0.9d1 
(free version, use menu about - update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)
13.10.2013     feature: added support for proftpd
                    install as a service on Illumos based systems: wget -O - | perl
                    feature: newest rsync rel 3.1.0 in /var/web-gui/data/tools/rsync/
11.10.2013     Servicemenu use ampo setup
09.10.2013     System-Localisation: works now with zone only
29.09.2013     Feature: Autosnap with hold snaps for n days
                    Warning in autosnap-create: do not enable "delete zerosnaps" on filesystems that are autoreplicated
28.09.2013     bugfix: Unwanted deletion of source snaps on incremental replications
20.9.2013       Feature: replication, hold unkept snaps for n days
19.9.2013       Feature: Replication, keep snaps ending to a regex like _1,10 (commalist, . keeps all)     
18.9.2013 Feature: Disk Partition support enable/disable
                    Feature: Jobs, highlight errorrs
                    Feature: Netstatus (Status overview for appliances), menu extensions-netmonitor
                    Bugfix: alert on Jobs
                    Update: sas2ircu r16

napp-it 0.9c2  (Update for Pro version, use menu about - update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)

14.9.2013       Register new keys, error load_lib disk_status fixed
                    hostname rename update in /etc/hosts
                    remove invalid keys (extensions > register >oldkeys)
17.08.2013     email alert, problem with repeat alerts every day
01.08.2013     bugfix with iscsi radius and chap (wrong path), update with menu napp-it-update
bugfix:           edit jobparameter in menu create jobs
bugfix:           delete snap with size zero=0 with setting delzero=no
bugfix:           Solaris 11.1: re-establish shares after unlock
minor fix:       supress minilog in Comstar - create LU
                    add message: delete evalkey after adding a pro key or you cannot update to newest

napp-it 0.9c1 
feature        del user deletes smb pw in /var/smb/smbpasswd
Logo shows free/eval/pro

monitor ext.: Disks, Smart and SAS values are discovered in the background and buffered > 1h (needed for very large disk arrays)
feature:        menu disks- smartinfo: display last selfcheck result
feature         menu disk - hw, added pciscan
bugfix:         zfs overview, wrong acl info with folders containing more than 999 files

25.05.2013  Update to netatalk 3.0.4 via wget -O - | perl (thanks to Rick for updating)
(OmniOS is currently on 3.0.3), Version 3.0.3 keeps available via updatescript afp303

napp-it 0.9b3
(Update for Pro version, use menu about - update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)

04.11.2013   fix: restrict client in napp-it settings had blocked always
13.10.2013     feature: added support for proftpd,
                    install as a service on Illumos based systems: wget -O - | perl
                    feature: newest rsync rel 3.1.0 in /var/web-gui/data/tools/rsync/
11.10.2013     Servicemenu use ampo setup
09.10.2013     System-Localisation: works now with zone only
14.09.2013     hostname rename update in /etc/hosts
                    remove invalid keys (extensions > register >oldkeys)
17.08.2013    email alert, problem with repeat alerts every day
01.08.2013    bugfix with iscsi radius and chap (wrong path), update with menu napp-it-update

06.06 Logo shows free/eval/pro
feature:        private language files:  /var/web-gui/_my/zfsos/_lib/lang/XX/  (use Upper case private language folder)
feature:        force language: /var/web-gui/_my/zfsos/_lib/lang/MY!/  (language folder name must be MY!)

feature:        aclmode=restricted is added and default on create ZFS (if supported,
                    acl extension support for aclmode=restricted
extension monitor:    autosnap adds logging of md5 hashes    
benchmark:  iostat bench  defaults 1g
                    filebench added

napp-it 0.9b2 
(Update for Pro version, use menu about - update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)

feature:  menu disk configure/offline
                    menu disk -details prtconf shows phys sectorsize
bugfix:   import volumebased LU with _ in name   
                    comstart import LU with force id (fix errormess)
acl ext:   reset acl in background for large amount of files
Gui         use webfonts, better page-width control  
addon     Snapraid3 (supports pooling with SAMBA or NFS)

22.4. netatalk 3.0.3 (all suported platforms) via wget -O - | perl (thanks to Rick for updating)
v 3.02 keeps available via installer afp302

Update to 0.9: If you update from 0.8 or earlier: You MUST reboot after running the wget installer!

If you get an error on updates to 0.9a8 about missing scripts,
move /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/_lib/ to /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/zfsos/_lib/ or rerun wget updater

If you cannot currently allow a reboot:
- You must re-activate current BE as active BE after reboot (NR) in menu Snap-Boot environments

napp-it 0.9b1 (Update for Pro version, use menu about - update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)

19.03 Comstar import LU: Option to set rw and to set GUID (both needed on replicated volumes) on errors
         stmfadm: data file error or stmfadm: meta file error
18.03 new menu: System - Fault (fmd log)
18.03 new menu: Disk - Details - Prtconf infos 

new: Mediatomb runs on OmniOS bloody
Mediatomb is now included in "napp-it to Go"
or install via wget -O -  | sh

napp-it 0.9a9 (default - online update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)
or (re)install via wget -O - | perl

18.03 bugfix: mediatomb settings
04.03  Supress console messages due to missing /etc/host entry (check on reboot  set hostname in menu system-network-hostname)
28.02  Supress sudo console messages (after reboot) or add the following two lines to /etc/sudoers
                    Defaults logfile=/dev/null
                    Defaults !syslog
                    To remove Solaris_audit Console alerts: add an entry for each ip to /etc/hosts (menu system-network-hosts) like
27.02 Localization, menu System-Hardware-Localization (Timezone, Language, Keyboard)

napp-it 0.9a8

25.02  Feature Flags (menu Pools -Features) and LZ4 compression (  )
23.02  ZFS filesystem - create: add ZFS v.5 option for Solaris 11
20.02  bugfix: acl-extension, reset acl and set acl details

napp-it 0.9a7 
(update without reboot from napp-it 0.9a3+)

Mediatomb add-on is OpenIndiana only, Howto for OmnisOS wanted

18.02  more MediaTomb settings
          feature: menu Service - Bonjour (register or start other setup services on boot)         
15.02  MediaTomb: Add menu AddOns - Mediatomb - Settings
12.02  community add-on: Mediatomb (thanks to Chris), install via: wget -O -  | sh
08.02  Comstar: Target portal groups over aggr
07.02  bugfix: edit jobparameter when monitor is disabled
                    bugfix: avoid popup window behind menus
                    feature: keep dhcp IP when goint to static       
06.02  feature: pool - benchmark added iozone

napp-it 0.9a6

05.02 modification: info about not disconnected encrypted pools are cleared on bootup 
04.02. feature: SnapRaid included
                    feature: monitor extension: edit vnics, vlans and aggregations
30.01. bugfix: enable auto-service when root crontab was empty, Dow problem fixed
29:01. feature: User mapping via GUI
                    feature: delete snaps: select/deselect  all
28.01. feature:  ACL extension: File and foldernames with European  characters. umlauts and ' allowed
                    feature:  ACL extension: User and group-quotas (Menu ZFS filesystems - used)
28.01. bugfix: minor bugfixes in monitoring/SAS2 extension and ACL extension

22.01.2013  napp-it 0.9a5

followed by a reboot and a re-enter of the root pw via passwd root
After an update you may check and/or recreate your jobs due to a new jobmanagement with editable timer and job-settings and reenable auto-service. On a fresh install, you can try all extensions for 30 days. After that, you have a regular free version.

You can go back to a former napp-it 0.8 with system-snaps.

Changelog 0.9a5 newest nightly

22.01 Bugfix on first login: Menu description of setup menu is missing
18.01 Autojob enable 1/15 min: changeable without disable, auto-cronjob first on list of cronjobs
                    Encrypted pools: lock-connect without the need of an extra zfs reload
17.01 All menus and messages can be translated to other languages (German nearly complete). If you like, you can translate  napp-it with menu About - Translate (at least about_menus and about_basics) and send the files to

Changelog 0.9a4 nightly

14.1. replication keeps only two newest snaps

- disks without partition are discovered and can be used without pre-initialisation (when not blocking parted)
- acl extension: add user with any UID
- remote Replication -I/-i switch

Changelog 0.9a3: (you can go to newest 0.9 daily via Menu About - Update without a reboot)
- 10.01.2013 add user allows uid/gid settings for better NFS compatibility, fixed bug in atojob that fires a 23h job also at 2 and 3h
- 09.01.2013 v 0.9a3 alows multiple downloads of same basic version (with different date) via menu about updates
   to allow minifixes without a new release number
- menu override via (see menu 'My menus')

- 07.01.2013 v0.9a2 nightly

Bugfix: create snapjob (Size=0), Statusmail with day not equal every
  Menu Snap-be: activate BE, (mass) delete boot snapshots, create be
  Menu Jobs: Mass delete jobs (available when monitor=off)
  Menu disk - mirror bootdisk (first beta, please test)
- 05.01.2013 afp installer fixes a problem with "user cannot login" in Solaris 11.1 and supports Illumian
- 04.01. Bugfix with old replication jobs after update from 0.8 (request my ip error)
- 03.01. Online Updater now working for further updates (Menu about updates)
- 02.01. Updater keeps old log settings (but you must check and optionally recreate jobs), email alert updates last run
- 31.12. newest OmniOS bloody 28.12. now working
- 30.12. bugfixes with TLS email, menu snaps-delete, hoverarea to popup minilog reduced to 6px, job overview displays TLS
- 28.12. change Version vom 0.9 preview to 0.9a.1, improved pool overview (raw/usable capacity)
- 27.12 reset ACL to current folder: keep ACL order, Movable log working with Firefox, prepare installer09 to become default, Solaris 11 folder settings
- 26.12 Log and Edit Windows movable, bug fixed with setting share-ACL
- 25.12 Happy Christmas: new menu disk -initialize to initialize new or unrecognized disks with missing partition table
- 21.12  selectboxes to select and delete multiple snaps and datasets an once
- 21.12  bugfix set hostname
- 18.12. bugfix with disk detection and partition disk (all partitions same size)
- 17.12. bugfix with OmniOS stable edition (perl Tty error) and fixed problems of the installer with OmniOS
- localisation 16.12: you can edit menus, css, logo, possible updates (updatesave),
   for distributors or if you like to configure on customers demand
- improvement 15.12. evening: rollover menus now active without the need to wait that the whole page is loaded.
- bugfix 15.12 : disk detection, list available/ unavailable disk: problem with parted solved on some configs, minor fixes
- bugfix 13.12 : nfs and afp sharing, minor fixes

- first developer preview of next napp-it 0.9 (09.12.2012)

Update from 0.8 and lower requires a wget install followed by a reboot.
Beside replication, you must recreate all jobs.

- improved disk detection (hot plug)
- improved performance for disk details and smart infos

- smart: start short/long checks
- support for disk partitions

- disk detection with disks like c3d1 fixed
- UNAVAIL disk replace with GUID disk not working

- jobmanagement: edit timetable and parameter, code and logs optimized, all actions in separate files

- monitor extension:
    topmenu edit = display cli commands, return values and hashvalues without reload
    log actions, realtime mini log, realtime page update
- replication extension: code and logs optimized, massive speed improvements with buffered transfer
- acl extension: new feature: reset ACL recursively to current folder settings, bugfix with resetting files
- manual network settings: bugfix
- 30 day evaluation of extensions included

supported mainly on
OmniOS stable
OpenIndiana 151 a5+ developer releases

mostly running on (out of the box, some apps are missing like bonnie, netatalk, or smartmontools):
Nexenta - Illumian 1.0 (base of NexentaStor4): supported
Oracle Solaris 11.1

no longer supported or supported only up to napp-it 0.8:
Nexenta - NexentaCore 3 (base of NexentaStor 3):
Oracle OpenSolaris, Solaris Express, Solaris 11.0

There is a lot of new code in this release.
Please send buginfos to

12.10.2012 netatalk 3
afp installer: wget -O - | perl
installs netatalk 3.01

23.09.2012 Request napp-it PRO evaluation key online:
request evaluation key

20.09.2012 0.8l2/3 default
, installable via
wget -O - | perl
downgrade from 0.8l gives an error in module
Hostdependant Prokeys not working

If you want to use replication with napp-it 0.9 where you get a "not a napp-it server"
Copy files /var/web-gui/wwwroot/napp-it  to  /var/web-gui/wwwroot/ (two files and

napp-it 22.04.2024