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If you want to configure or setup napp-it on a customers demand or bundle napp-it with systems, you need a bundling license for each system. This includes a napp-it Pro subscription with a duration of at least 12 months and extensions of choice. After 12 months you can extend the napp-it Pro subscription or use napp-it free without a time limit. There is no automatic renewal of napp-it Pro. You can include your own logo in the Web-UI as /var/web-gui/_my/wwwroot/logo.png and add private menus with your functions.

The price on single offers  for the bundling option starts with 100 Euro that includes one extension for one year.

Only as an enduser you are allowed to download and use napp-it Free from You can use it for free at home or commercially within your institution or company. A redistribution or circulation outside your institution or company is not allowed

Configure single Storage Systems on customers demand

For a single system, you can order any regular commercial napp-it Pro license. Add a "for bundling" remark In the comment field of the quotation form and after payment you get an invoice with a voucher that you can redeem online to activate the Pro feature based on a hostname. Bundling/ configuration is then allowed without any extra payment.

Distribution of Storage Systems

For distributions on a regular base, you can request a status as an authorized or an exclusive distributor for a certain area with an email to  After commitment we will offer you support on questions around hardware configuration and setup. 


You can configure napp-it Pro in a way that it shows your logo and appliance name.
You can also add, rename or hide menu items or hide non default service settings like AFP or www in menu ZFS Filesystems . As an example, you can select "app" as a menu in About > Settings. You can then switch between this special menu and the default en menu in the topmenu (app <-> en, see upper right window). If you want to force the app settiings, copy the menu control file /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/zfsos/_lib/lang/app/about_menus.txt  to the folder  /var/web-gui/_my/zfsos/_lib/lang/MY/ and rename the folder MY to MY!. These settings are update safe.


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