• ready to use and comfortable ZFS storage appliance for iSCSI/FC, NFS and SMB
  • Active Directory support with Snaps as Previous Version
  • user friendly Web-GUI that includes all functions for a sophisticated NAS or SAN appliance.
  • commercial use allowed
  • no capacity limit
  • free download for End-User

  • increased GUI performance/ background agents
  • bugfix/ updates/ access to bugfixes
  • extensions like comfortable ACL handling, disk and realtime monitoring or remote replication
  • appliance diskmap, security and tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/setup on customers demand optional
please request a quotation.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf


See also: : Pricelist and  Featuresheet.pdf

napp-it Pro: support options

  • napp-it free, free base version for end-user only (including commercial enduser with inhouse configuration by own staff)
    Reditrubution or setup on demand of other firms is not allowed

  • napp-it Home, Pro Version for noncommercial homeuse
  • napp-it Edu, license for universities or public schools
  • napp-it Pro bundling is requried if you want to bundle napp-it with hardware or setup on customers demand
    Bundling is included in a regular commercial license or is part of a separate agreement.

  • napp-it Pro commercial, license for commercial use
    either as Complete Edition with all features or with a single extension

Support is available as

  • Annual subscription or perpetual for single server
  • Location lizence, host independent key, all Server at a location example campus or town)
  • Twin, two keys ex for a server + backup or a cluster or Triple/Quad

Napp-it Free

Is a ZFS storage server appliance with the most needed functions. It can be downloaded as a final user exclusively from and can be used commercially. There is no support with access with bugfix, security or new feature editions included that are published continously. Napp-it Free is adopted to the current OmniOS LTS release.

Napp-it Pro

Napp-it Pro extends napp-it free. It is the suggested version for professional users.  It offers

  • Support for newer OmniOS stable releases with immediate access to bugfixes and developer editions with online update/downgrade of last 5 releases
  • Notable improved GUI performance, background agents for system parameters
    You can enable/ disable background acceleration in toplevel menu "acc" nearby logout
  • Edit menu with the option to display the actions of a menu, the internal napp-it hash values and the menu actions.
  • Clone menu (create, promote, destroy, care about clones in menu snaps and filesystems)
  • Snap mass delete features: mass destroy as a background task (no timeout with many snaps)
  • Snap mass delete features: keep at least one snap per day/week/month

  • Base of additional extensions like ACL/user management, monitoring or remote replication
  • Beside clustering and site/location licenses, all licenses are per server and tight to the Mac address

Napp-it Pro and the extensions are a nonfree Option. You can aquire a annual or perpetual license to activate these features.
The license ist bound to a single server with a machine-id. After entering a Pro key, you should update napp-it to the newest Pro edition, (Menu About - Update) as some functions are only available in Pro or Dev editions (not the free base version)

Napp-it  Pro Extensions
Extensions are comfort, functionality  and management extras on top of napp-it Pro.

Extensions are nonfree comfort and management extras. You need a license when you intend to use them.
Napp-it Pro includes access to bugfix and developer editions ans a better performance with background tasks
like GUI accelerator, monitoring or snapshot mass delete as a background task.

If you like to order extensions, please request a quotation.
You can then pay with the quotation number as reference

For professional users there is napp-it Pro complete with all functions. For special single functions you can aquire the extensions separately. Appliance functions like Appliance maps require the complete edition.

1. Pro Complete - all Appliance functions and extensions from

- Key is valid for one Server and include all extensions and additionally
- appliance menus  (Appliance - Maps, - Tunig, - Security)
- appliance realtime sync with auto or manual storage and service failover (beta)
- email installation support without guaranteed reaction time as soon as possible (does not include home- or bundling editions)

Some extensions are available seperately. Appliance functions and email installation support are only available with complete.
You can request your PRO evaluation key online.

2. Async Replication between appliances

Timer based and menu driven async replication between a group of ZFS appliances. After a initial complete replication from Server 1 to Server 2 with a progress bar (in %) that can last days on a multi-Terabyte pool over your network, all following replications are incremental based on snaps. Only changed data must be copied. You can do this in short intervals like 15min to have a nearly realtime backup even with high capacity pools or pools under heavy load ex ESXi datastores. You can share/ read only access the target pool as a backup-drive between replications. You can use the target pool without restrictions, if you disable the job and read-only access. Replication is data pull only. You need to install replikation and a key only on a napp-it- backup-server that creates the replication jobs and receives the data. All other appliances that builds a napp-it replication-group (=Source-Replication server/ sender) do not need a key. So if all your server replicates to the same backup system, you will only need one key. All server where you replicate from (=sender) are free.

  • remote control of sources (managed on backup machine)
  • highspeed transfer via buffered netcat
  • snapmanagement via keep snaps forever or hold snaps for n days

3. ACL management

Modify SBM-ACL settings within napp-it on ZFS-folders, shares and regular files and folders. Support for ACL order (Solaris ACL are order sensitive, You cannot set this from Windows as Windows processes first deny the allow rules) . This is a comfort alternative to the free  /usr/bin/chmod cli command. The ACL extension allows to edit idmappings in the GUI and to restore user, smb groups and napp-it settings from a autojob-backup on napp-it Pro.

4. Monitoring and other controlling tools (under development)

- Centralized Monitoring of appliances (requires websocket capable browser)
- GUID -> pyhical slot assignment for LSI SAS2 controllers example: Disk with Guid c8t5000000000000103d0 is located in backplane on controller 0, enclosure 1, slot 22
- commercial use of the encryption Poef Web-UI featutes (Home use or encryption via CLI is free)
- remote status

The realtime graphs can be enabled/ disabled in the toplevel menu "mon" nearby Logout

5. Distribution/ Preconfigured Systems

If you want to configure or bundle systems with napp-it, you need a bundling licence for every system. 
Details see /distribution

Prices for napp-it extensions.

see Pricelist and  Featuresheet.pdf

Edu discount

Universities and public schools: 10% discount (rounded to 10 Euro)
For EU customers, we add the national VAT from the country where the school or university is located.
We do not request VAT from customers outside the EU

Noncommercial home-use

I can offer the use of
1   napp-it Pro single extension/ 2 years for 50 Euro or
1   napp-it Pro complete (all)  extensions for 2 years and 100,-- Euro per server - or
1   napp-it Pro, complete edition unlimited for noncomercial home use: 300 Euro (with two keys for your home and backupserver)

napp-it Pro incl. updates
These prices are end-prices for all home customers. it include the national VAT for EU customers


Please request a online-quotation and pay per Creditcard or PayPal with the quotation number as reference. Optionally you can request an invoice to transfer the money. We will send you the keys and the invoice as license document after payment.

If you have questions: send an email to

Evaluate napp-it PRO with all extensions
A 30 day evaluation key is included in a new setup via wget
You can additionally request 2 day evalkeys.
request evaluation key

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