• ready to use and comfortable ZFS storage appliance for iSCSI/FC, NFS and SMB
  • Active Directory support with Snaps as Previous Version
  • user friendly Web-GUI that includes all functions for a sophisticated NAS or SAN appliance.
  • commercial use allowed
  • no capacity limit
  • free download for End-User

  • Individual support and consulting
  • increased GUI performance/ background agents
  • bugfix/ updates/ access to bugfixes
  • extensions like comfortable ACL handling, disk and realtime monitoring or remote replication
  • appliance diskmap, security and tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/setup on customers demand optional
please request a quotation.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf

Monitor extension (Solarish only)

  •  Realtime monitoring of important system parameters via websocket (status lights)
  •  Shortterm monitoring (last 60s) of cpu%, w%, b% and iops/s of reads, writes and waits
  •  Realtime Update of pages (2 Min after last access)
  •  Disk Location of LSI SAS2 slots (ZFS WWN disk-id to physical slot mapping)
  •  Editing features (menus, actions and translations)
  •  Logs and hashed with internal infos and return values of napp-it commands on a page load
  •  Health-Status for multiple napp-it appliances (with status lights) via netscan or on appliance groups
  •  Vnic, Vlan and Link-Aggregation settings
  •  Disk, SAS2 Bays and Smartvalues are discovered in the background and buffered > 1h to increase GUI performance
  • Bridge Management in Menu System > Network Eth (2016.05dev up): Use OmniOS like a 1/10 G switch

 How to setup

    • You need a licence key on every server (you can request evaluation keys)
    • To request a license key, you need the machine-ID from menu Extensions > Get Machine ID
    • Register the machine ID key: copy/paste the whole key-line into menu extension-register, example:
      complete h:m123..4m90 - 20.06.2022::VcqmhqsmVsdcnetqsmVsTTDVsK

      Usage of a Pro license is restricted to subscription time or perpetual with an unlimited edition.


      SAS2 Slot monitorand sas targets numbers (you need target number to identify disks from system error logs):


      Shortterm-monitor (after starting a scrub)


      napp-it 27.12.2023