• ready to use and comfortable ZFS storage appliance for iSCSI/FC, NFS and SMB
  • Active Directory support with Snaps as Previous Version
  • user friendly Web-GUI that includes all functions for a sophisticated NAS or SAN appliance.
  • commercial use allowed
  • no capacity limit
  • free download for End-User

  • Individual support and consulting
  • increased GUI performance/ background agents
  • bugfix/ updates/ access to bugfixes
  • extensions like comfortable ACL handling, disk and realtime monitoring or remote replication
  • appliance diskmap, security and tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/setup on customers demand optional
please request a quotation.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf

 Virtualized storageserver (napp-in-one)

You can virtualize OmniOS/napp-it with napp-it under ESXi or Proxmox,


  • Download and deploy the ready to use .ova template or
  • download OmniOS iso (with Open-VM Tools preconfigured)
  • Install OmniOS (40GB, 4 GB RAM min, vmxnet3 vnic)
  • Instll napp-it via online wget installer

use settings (

acpi: 1
agent: 0
balloon: 0
boot: order=ide0
cores: 4
cpu: host
hostpci0: 0000:01:00.0,pcie=1,rombar=0
hotplug: disk,network
ide0: images:vm-100200-disk-1,size=32G,ssd=1
kvm: 1
localtime: 1
machine: q35
memory: 32768
name: vmnas
net0: e1000=DE:2B:F5:8E:00:00,bridge=vmbr0
net1: vmxnet3=52:42:4D:04:00:00,bridge=vmbr0
numa: 0
ostype: solaris
scsihw: virtio-scsi-single
smbios1: uuid=93cd5325-c77e-45e2-a3bf-3875fabf07a5
sockets: 1
startup: order=1,up=180,down=120
tablet: 1
vmgenid: de2f4e02-8ec9-4ba4-8adc-01cb45f01dda

For best perfromance, passthrough storae hardware

napp-it 22.04.2024