• ready to use and comfortable ZFS storage appliance for iSCSI/FC, NFS and SMB
  • Active Directory support with Snaps as Previous Version
  • user friendly Web-GUI that includes all functions for a sophisticated NAS or SAN appliance.
  • commercial use allowed
  • no capacity limit
  • free download for End-User

  • Individual support and consulting
  • increased GUI performance/ background agents
  • bugfix/ updates/ access to bugfixes
  • extensions like comfortable ACL handling, disk and realtime monitoring or remote replication
  • appliance diskmap, security and tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/setup on customers demand optional
please request a quotation.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf

nappit installation (local web-gui)

Install OS (OmniOS, OpenIndiand or Solaris)

To add napp-it, enter at console as root:
wget -O -  | perl

Please (re)set a password for root after setup
passwd root

napp-it storage VM

Gives you the resource efficient Illumos ZFS with the kernelbased SMB server, local SMB groups,
and ntfs alike ACL(SMB server very easy to setup, uses Windows SID as security reference, no id mappings needed.
Download and provide the .ova template for ESXi or install OmniOS and napp-it under ESXi or Proxmox

Needed resources for OmniOS + napp-it
Up from 4 GB RAM is ok without dedup, more RAM gives performance due caching especially with disk based pools

nappit cs client/server installation

Use cs_server backend to manage a ZFS server via web-gui on (tested)
should run on any server that has Perl installed

  • BSD (Free-BSD 14)
  • Linux (Proxmox, Raspberry4)
  • Illumos (OmniOS, OpenIndiand, SmartOS)
  • Oracle Solaris 11.4

Download napp-it cs server backend (copy and run)

To download napp-it cs to /opt/web-gui, enter at console as root:
wget -O -  | perl

After initial setup, add an auth string to /var/web-gui/cs_server/server.auth.(WinSCP=
Then restart download. Up from second run, cs server starts after download.

napp-it cs_server on OSX
Download cs_server, unzip and copy to /opt/web-gui (or any other location like desktop)
Start server via terminal: perl /path_to_cs_server/

napp-it cs_server only on Windows
Download minimal  and unzip to to  c:\xampp enter at console as root:
/xampp/perl /path_to_cs_server/start_server_as_admin.p

Download napp-it cs client (web-gui frontend, copy and run) on Windows 10/11/Server

Download minimal  and unzip to to /opt/web-gui, enter at console as root:
wget -O -  | perl

Start web-gui (client and local server) with a mouse right click on
c:/xampp/web-gui/data/start_zfs-gui_as_admin.bat (Powershell allows "/" in paths)

Needed resources for cs server

cs server adds nearly no load and requires nearly no RAM,
so remote management of low ram, low cpu ZFS appliances via web-gui is possible down to a Raspberry Pi 4GB

ps aux (Raspberry 4) with the two napp-it cs server apps
pi 30136 0.0 0.2 16540 10104 pts/0 S 15:23 0:00 perl /tmp/cs_server/
pi 30138 0.0 0.1 11192 4880 pts/0 S 15:23 0:00 perl /tmp/cs_server/

Needed resources for cs frontend (web-gui with Apache webserver)

I would suggest 4-8+ GB RAM for the management Windows computer.
If Windows has also ZFS (Open-ZFS for Windows), use 8-16GB+

napp-it 22.04.2024