• sofort einsetzbarer und komfortabler ZFS Storage-Server für iSCSI/FC, NFS und SMB
  • Active Directory Support mit Snaps als Vorherige Version
  • komfortable Web-GUI
  • alle Funktionen für ein fortschrittliches NAS/SAN
  • kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt
  • kein Speicherlimit
  • freier Download für End-User

  • schnellere GUI durch Background Dienste
  • Bugfix/ Updates auf neueste Versionen oder Fehlerbehebungen
  • Extensions wie komfortables ACL Management, Disk und Echtzeitmonitoring oder Remote Replikation
  • Appliance Diskmap, Security und Tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/ Installation im Kundenauftrag optional
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Details: Featuresheet.pdf



SmartOS is a Illumos distribution. It is mainly used for cloud and KVM virtualisation usage.
It is commercially supported and may be very interesting also for basic NAS/SAN usage in future.

Main Advantage over SmartOS and OI:
Live edition: boots from USB, runs from RAM

Nothing stored on bootdrive, OS is like a firmware.

What is missing to use it as a NAS or SAN

-Some basics installed and configured in global zone like SMB, NFS, Comstar, smartmontools, mc etc
 example via an online wget installer to configure a default installation.
- Script to restore settings like users or AD membership on bootup from your datapool
- Script to save current state (ex users) to your datapool on demand

What is needed to add napp-it

- Basic installer must install perl
- Manifest/Script to autostart napp-it or you need to start napp-it manually on demand
- A menu for SmartOS with save/restore current settings (call a script)

If these iitems are solved, SmartOS may be a very very interesting USB Stick distribution
for a universal (all-in-one like) ZFS NAS/SAN with KVM capabilities.


napp-it 12.11.2022