• sofort einsetzbarer und komfortabler ZFS Storage-Server für iSCSI/FC, NFS und SMB
  • Active Directory Support mit Snaps als Vorherige Version
  • komfortable Web-GUI
  • alle Funktionen für ein fortschrittliches NAS/SAN
  • kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt
  • kein Speicherlimit
  • freier Download für End-User

  • schnellere GUI durch Background Dienste
  • Bugfix/ Updates auf neueste Versionen oder Fehlerbehebungen
  • Extensions wie komfortables ACL Management, Disk und Echtzeitmonitoring oder Remote Replikation
  • Appliance Diskmap, Security und Tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/ Installation im Kundenauftrag optional
Fordern Sie ein Angebot an.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf


Napp-it Update

You can upgrade/ update napp-it quite independently from the underlying OS
with menu About >> Update

Prior an update a backup BE is created so you can select the former state during boot.
A reboot is not required as the updater restarts all napp-it services

After an initial setup you run the free release of napp-it. With the evaluation key some but
not all Pro features are available. If you have a Pro Key, you should upgrade to napp-it Pro
as not all Pro features are available in the Free edition.

You can update/ downgrade between last 5 downloads.
If you select activate, an already downloaded release will be used.
If you select download, a napp-it release is downloaded (again).

If something happens or if you want not only update napp-it but also
tools like smartmontools, run the online wget installer. This will keep all settings intact.

If you want to jump between a very old napp-it and a current one, you may need
to run About > update twice ex from 2015 or older release  to 16.01 then to 17.01.
Just select the newest one that is offered in About > Update.

Napp-it Reinstall

If you want to reinstall your appliance, reinstall the OS and napp-it via wget.
If you want to restore settings, backup and restore /var/web-gui/_log/* either
manually or via backup-job. With napp-it Pro you can use menu User > restore
to restore settings. The pool can be simply imported via menu Pools > import.

If you reinstall the appliance and want to continue a replication without a backup
of settings, recreate a replication job with old job-id (get it from snapnames)

For an AiO setup under ESXi you can import a newer template (OmniOS preconfigured + napp-it)

napp-it 12.11.2022