High-Performance Storage

This includes filesystem related options to improve performance when accessing data

  • Intelligent blockbased readcache in RAM (ARC Cache).
    Free RAM above 1-2GB that is not needed by the OS is used as high-performance readcache. On many current Solaris derivates you can use up to 128 GB system-RAM automatically as readcache. With more RAM some distributions may have performance problems. It is quite usual to deliver more than 90% of all reads from Ramcache.
  • Extend the Readcache to SSDs (L2ARC, Hybrid Storage).  If RAM is not enough you can extend readcache by SSDs. Not as fast as RAM-bases Cache but faster than reading from disks. The new Intel NVMe P-series of SSDs offer an extreme L2ARC performance.
  • Write-cache ("multiple small random write to one large sequential write conversion"). ZFS collects about 5s of last writes on current  distributions and does a single and fast sequential write.
  • Sync Write Logdevice (ZIL). ZFS allows optionally a secure sync write behaviour. A "Commit" means that data is on storage and not lost in a cache on a powerfailure. To avoid a very low performance of sync-write, you can add a high-performance logdevice, either Dram-based like a ZeusRAM or a fast write optimized SSD like a Intel S3700. Size up from 8GB is mostly enough as you only need to hold about 10s of writes.

Includes options on a service level for example:

  • Kernelbased and in ZFS integrated high performance CIFS Server on Solaris-Derivates
    Klick and Run Integration of AD-Support, Windows ACL, Windows SIDs and Snaps as Previous Version.
    Zero config, Switch to on - no special config file to edit, everything is in ZFS
  • In ZFS integrierted high performance NFS Server on Solaris-Derivaten
  • High Performance iSCSI Stack (Comstar) on Solaris-Derivaten 
  • High Performance Networkstack with virtual Nics, Switches or vlans (Crossbow)
  • Quality of service, Bandwith Control

Includes options on OS/ management level

  • All from one hand. Beside OSX and Windows, Solaris and its derivates gives you all what is needed for a complete Storage OS from one hand (Oracle/ Illumos) without the need or help of special distributions compared to Linux.
  • Installation on Standard Hardware with Web Management GUI within a few minutes
  • Data and Pool Migration to any hardware (no special disk controller or filesystem) within minutes
  • High Speed Replikationof filesystems over the network
napp-it 21.02.2024