Entry Level NAS or Backup-System


You can use nearly any modern hardware for a napp-it ZFS storageserver. Problems are often based on network or storage controllers.
Best are Sata disks in AHCI mode and Intel nics. Whenever possible use ECC RAM (requires mostly i3/Xeon and server-chipsets)

Example: HP Microserver G8, max 4 disks

Ram up to 16 GB ECC, Microserver with a Celeron CPU or a Xeon suitable for Napp-In-One

Capacity up to max 24 TB Raw with 4 x 6 TB (usable capacity depends on raid-level)
Costs: without disks about 200 USD

For best performance add a 10G Nic Intel X540-T1 and SSDs.


  • Mainboard best with ECC RAM support (but even without ECC ZFS is more stable than ext or ntfs), opt vt-d (NAIO)
    ex and Intel i3 for a ECC storageserver
  • opt. Xeon CPU (for a ESXi vSAN/ NAIO due to vt-d und Storage-Passthrough)
  • min 2  GB RAM, best 4GB+
  • Sata Controller (AHCI mode) or LSI HBA like a IBM 1015 reflashed to LSI 9211 IT mode for Napp-In-One setups
  • Intel Nic, best Intel X540-T1 (10G ethernet) for a NAS performance similar to a local SSD
  • 24/7 disks (I prefer HGST) or enterprise SSDs like Intel S3500/ S3610


napp-it 29.03.2023