ZFS Cluster with service and storage failover SSF

Every server, even based on Unix and Solarish requires maintenance like OS updates or security fixes than can affect system stability, You want to test them prior using on a production system? You want to allow a hardware problem on a server that provides services like NFS or SMB without a service outage? You want even allow a full system or cluster failure (server with its storage box)?  You want the whole management via a GUI? You want a system that is simple, fast and as cheap as possible - even without a premium on your current AiO server system?

Then you should think about a napp-it ZFS Cluster or Twin Cluster


  • All-in-One setup of a vCluster or Twin vCluster under ESXi (vCluster in a Box)
  • Barebone setup on one or all nodes possible
  • Active active or active/passive mode with manual or auto failover
  • Stonith support to remove a hanging system from a cluster

  • Supports shared ESXi disks (SAS, Sata, NVMe), multipath SAS or iSCSI Luns
  • Supports single and dual storage via multipath SAS
  • Supports network pool mirroring via iSCSI Luns
  • Supports a ZFS pool, user with permissions and job failover
  • Failover time on a manual failover around 20s

  • Fully free setup with manual failover on napp-it free
  • Managed manual or auto failover with user and jobs and Ciuster-Control
    requires single napp-it Pro complete on Cluster-Control or a quad cluster or location licence


napp-it 29.03.2023