napp-it licenses

1. napp-it FREE edition v.18

Commercial and noncommercial end-users can download, use and modify the napp-it v.18 Free edition and free functions without charge so long as this copyright is maintained and you do not distribute napp-it. You will not get any warranty or support, use it as it is at your own risk! On first install, you can evaluate napp-it nonfree extensions for 30 days. After that, you can use napp-it unlimited but without the nonfree extension features. You need a bundling license if you want to bundle or configure napp-it on customers demand or redistribute/ give away napp-it. You need a Pro license if you want to use Pro-Features after the evaluation period.

Up from v.19.x commercial and edu users require a Pro license. For noncommercial homeuse, the newer base editions up from v.19 can be used freely without Pro features enabled.

2. napp-it PRO Bundling licenses to distribute appliances.

If you want to distribute napp-it, configure on behalf of a customer or charge for it (alone or bundled with other software or hardware), you need a Pro or Bundling license for each appliance. Pro versions include extra functions, GUI performance improvements and access to newest releases and bugfix editions.

3. napp-it PRO

Up from napp-it 19.x a Pro license is required for commercial or edu users. A Pro license includes extra features like ACL and advanced user management, Monitoring, Disk Detection, Appliance Maps, Appliance Security, Appliance Tuning and Remote ZFS  Replication.  Part of the complete extension is basic installation support via email (without guaranteed reaction time, not available for home or bundling licenses). The GUI speed improvements and one year access to nightly and bugfix releases is included in all Pro editions. Appliance menus are available only in the complete edition. A license is valid for one or more years. (unlimited optional)

Noncommercial home user can aquire a Pro license at reduced costs.

3rd party plugins are distributed under their own license

4. napp-it Pro License options

Only noncommercial usage outside of roomes/ areas that are commercially used

Edu License
Only noncommercial usage in schools or universities

Commercial license
For commercial usage or for usage in buildings used for commercial purposes

Single server license
for a single server, paired to the machine-ID

Location/ Campus License
This license can be used on all servers in a local branch office or a local university/school
You get a license key to generate as many machine-ID keys as you want.

napp-it 29.03.2023