Swap a napp-it machine id license key for a server with a new machine id or switch from a name based license.
You are not allowed to use the old key afterwards and cannot swap it twice but you can swap the new key on a hardware change again.

Your name*


Your email*

Machine-ID* ex h:ma11b53917e50 (napp-it 18.01 or newer)
see menu Extensions > Get machine-ID

Old key you can swap a valid key online only via this form.
Enter the key ex "complete 1566122830_h:m0c291f3ddm90 - 18.6.2021::mVqmVqsmVOYTVOzmlasmsVTThhVD"


*) Please fill out these fields. The key will be send to your emailadress.
You can extend the evaluation period by requesting a new evaluation key
but your requests are logged and the overall evaluation period is limited.

If you have questions, please send an email to evaluate@napp-it.org